Clear trip launches Train Search Thru Chat

It was a wonderful experience when Cleartrip launched indian railways search and booking functionality on their website 6 months back. Since then they have enhanced user experience immensely. Taking that lead forward, Clear trip is proving its commitment of making travel simple, ease of cheap Cleartrip flights of domestic airlines, searching and booking process for trains is key to their goal. Today, they have announced that one can now check cleartrip train or rail or indian railways schedules and availability using basic Internet chat.

First step is to add as a friend in GTalk, after which the Cleartrip train search bot starts acting like an online advisor.

To search cleartrip trains, one needs to send a message with journey details like ‘mum hyd mar 08 3A’ (origin, destination, date of travel and class of travel). According to Cleartrip, the user needs not worry about the syntax, if the search bot requires more information it will ask for it.

On sending a message like ‘avail 6345’ (availability, train number), the search bot responds with the train availability status for upto 6 days. One can also book a train ticket by sending a message like ‘book 6345 22 apr’ (book, train number, date of journey).

Initially Ticketvala did try and their bot behaved erratically but i Guess that happens to any new launch and they are not an exception to that.

Hope Ticketvala will see new innovation in travel category in the coming two years.

11 Responses to “Clear trip launches Train Search Thru Chat”

  1. Cleartrip trains were been launched in the online travel space some nine months back when all other OTAs were just configuring and waiting for trains on their website. Clear trip trains have best interface and easy to navigate flow that can be followed by any naive train customer. IRCTC has so fare monopolized railway reservation on their website. Train tickets from cleartrip will help customers book trains on a website that has maximum uptime. IRCTC do 6000 train bookings in one hour. So there is lot of scope for cleartrip trains to capture some share of their traffic booking railway reservation thru clear trip website. Cleartrip trains has all routes online and schedule of rail routes. Customer can email that rail routes and cancel cleartrip trains booking online. Money gets refunded in a months time. So more hassle of IRCTC website.

    Delhi bangkok flights also find that cleartrip train also provide cleartrip international flights at affordable price.

  2. Ticketvala says:

    Ticket vala update on cleartrip trains bookings. Cleartrip trains has slashed online booking fee on their website and now railway reservation and IRCTC website is at par with each other. You can book online trains tickets on clear trip easy to use interface and save your time of going thru clutter website of IRCTC. Online train tickets on cleartrip gets even one step ahead of cancelling their booking online and getting instant refunds.

    For all those customers where price and where to book from is an issue, online train bookings on cleartrip would solve the problem.

    Happy journey

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  4. Ticketvala says:

    Cleartrip trains – Be informative before fixing up cheap train tickets. A great many cheap train tickets are readily available online. Just flesh out yourself more about lower price train tickets as well as other upcoming provisions for cheap train tickets from Indian Rail. Cleartrip Train tickets are set to change its tack after being critical of booking costly train tickets sharply. Now, you will judge cheap train tickets on the line of action putting different train tickets online. So, stop worrying much about clear trip train tickets booking now as they are readily available online. Just make a better fist of cleartrip train tickets.

    All you need to do is to book on cleartrip train. After submitting the form, you get to know if there is availability of seats. If there is, you will find no problem in the least booking train tickets online.

    Cleartrip trains is offering 10% discount on master card users. Ticketvala would advise to book early to save.

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  7. Ahamed says:

    I found a website In that site i can get all train tickets availablity. And it is very fast and quickly get in.